Eddie the Elephant's Runaway Rush

Eddie needs your help!
Join Eddie on his adventure and help him home.
Control the world
Move rocks and destroy walls to keep Eddie moving.
Watch for the danger!
Smack some bats and other creatures to keep Eddie out of danger.
Enjoy the scenery
From the desert up to the mountains...
  • Available for iphone & ipad
    iPhone & iPad

Eddie the Elephant was living a joyful life in his herd when the evil pirate mice lured him to a trap. Having been locked to a crate by these small but cunning creatures, Eddie was being transported to somewhere far, far away on a flying pirate ship until a fierce storm surprised them. Suddenly the crate fell of the ship and crashed ashore. "I'm free!" Eddie thought. Now he needs your help to get safely back home!

Join an adventure of this endearing little elephant. Move rocks, blow up walls and smack some bats so that Eddie can continue his journey through the desert and up to the mountains to reach his home. Oh, and I forgot to tell you: Eddie LOVES peanuts!